Real Estate Agent Goals – Goal Setting for Veteran Agents

As you start to build a little bit of experience in the real estate industry it can get a little harder to set goals for you and your company. After all, by this point you may well have achieved everything that you set out to do when you first started, so you need to turn your mind to new challenges to keep yourself motivated.

If you have a team underneath you at this point, there are a number of goals that you can set that involve improving that team and ensuring that the business as a whole continues to perform. Here are a few tips you should follow when setting goals as a veteran.

Involve The Team

At this point your team will have become an extremely valuable asset, so you should make the effort to involve them in the goal setting process at every point. Hold meetings where you discuss your vision for the future of the business and the steps you believe need to be taken to achieve that vision. Listen to feedback and determine what each member of your team can offer to help you get there.

Furthermore, you should also take the individual goals of your team into account as well. Speak with each member individually and find out what they want to achieve. Helping them get there not only increases their confidence as agents, but it also builds a more solid business in the process.

Look For Growth Markets

Your experience in the industry should allow you to more adept and understanding where the market is heading at a particular time and identifying opportunities that can be capitalised on as a result. Always keep track of what is happening in local markets, where demand is leaning and what you can do to supply that demand.

New opportunities are going to be your lifeblood once you have reached veteran status, as sticking with what you know can not only get tedious but can also lead to issues when what you have done before is no longer as effective due to changing market conditions. Have your team create reports based on their work and use them to determine your next plan of action. This also serves to have your team take ownership of their goals while you can keep track of their progress.

Stay Realistic

It can be very tempting to really reach for new challenges that may be beyond your capabilities as an estate agent, for whatever reason. As such, it is important to be realistic when faced with new opportunities and to understand exactly what you can bring to the opportunity and if the team that you currently have is capable of taking advantage of the opportunity.

In essence, to set goals you need to understand your strengths and weaknesses. While experience can provide you with more strengths over time, it is important not to set a goal that requires you to hone all of your weaknesses at once, as you may find that it is simply too much too soon and you are unable to achieve what you are aiming for.

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