Real Estate Commission – A Corrupting Influence

Real estate commission is the way in which real estate agents are paid for the services they provide. They receive a percentage of the price received for the property. Effectively, the real estate agent requires the seller of a property (the vendor) to sign over to the real estate agent a part of the property being sold.

Another way of looking at it is to say that the real estate agent, through the wording of the listing contract, effectively has his name added to the title deed of the vendor’s property, so that the real estate agent becomes a part-owner of the property. When the property sells, the real estate agent receives a payment that represents his share in the vendor’s property.

Most readers will be aware of the arguments in favour of real estate sale commissions, so I won’t discuss those here. My focus is on the ways in which the sale process can be skewed against all parties involved, when the motivation to win a commission takes precedence over more important considerations.

Commission is a „winner-takes-all, loser gets nothing“ situation. This increases the pressure on the real estate agent to secure a sale. Time is also a problem. If the real estate agent cannot secure a sale within a time acceptable to the vendor, the vendor may take the property off the market, or away from the real estate agent’s agency. This will result in a total loss for the real estate agent.

Finally, the vendor becomes an obstacle between the real estate agent and his commission goal. In order to receive payment for his share of the vendor’s property, the real estate agent must receive an offer to purchase within the available time, but the offer must be accepted by the vendor. If the vendor decides that the offer is not acceptable, then the real estate agent loses.

In order to win the gambling game that is real estate sales, the real estate agent may decide to tip the odds in his favour – and there are numerous ways in which this can be done.

At the listing stage the real estate agent may use improper means to win the listing contract. These include over-quoting on valuation, and offering dodgy sales figures.

During the sale process the real estate agent may be tempted to tell potential purchasers things that are untrue. I have seen many sale contracts with clauses designed to protect real estate agents against the consequences of false statements. Known as „porkies clauses“, they invariably state that the purchaser acknowledges that any information provided to the purchaser by the real estate agent is provided on the understanding that the purchaser will not be relying on it for any purpose.

When a purchaser has submitted an offer, and the purchaser cannot be convinced to increase her offer, the real estate agent may be tempted to pressure the vendor into accepting what would otherwise be unacceptable. Observations, such as „the market has softened“ or „the market has spoken to us“ are used by real estate agents to convince vendors that the real estate agent’s high estimation of value can no longer be relied upon, and that the vendor should now accept what the vendor believes is an unacceptably low offer.

For some years now, I have been arguing that real estate services should be provided on a fee-for-service basis.

I will explore the replacement of real estate sale commissions with a fee-for-service structure further in future articles.

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Source by Peter Mericka

Short Sales – Influencing The Brokers Price Opinion (BPO)

When you do a short sale, the lender most likely will order a BPO.

BPO stands for Brokers Price Opinion and is a process by which a realtor

appointed by the lender, comes out to evaluate the property and give his „opinion“

on what the value of the property is. So the lender sends a realtor out to the

property and it’s your job to influence the BPO to come down as low as you can.

This is the whole key to a successful short sale. This is why you want the lender to

contact you, so you can meet the realtor at the front door and influence their

BPO to come in as low as possible. To build your case, the first thing you

should do is show up with a list of repairs and estimates for the property. If you

have to go get a contractor to bid a job or repair, go get one. The higher the quote,

the better. This is good evidence. The second thing you should do is show up with

a list of comps in the area that are low. Most real estate agents appreciate you

doing some of their work for them. Provide them with the lowest comps you can

find and they will decide if they want to use them or not.

When you meet the realtor on the property steps, just tell him you are the buyer and

doing a short sale on the house. Then you will proceed to walk the realtor

through the property. When you are walking through the property make sure you

point any and every repair or problem with the property. Again, you are trying to

make the value of the home come in as low as possible. If you are dealing with a

nice house with minor cosmetics, you may really have to search for problems.

Then call him the next morning to see if he was able to get the price you wanted. Sometimes they will tell you sometimes they won’t. Just ask to find out. If they won’t tell you, call the bank. Many times they will tell you. You really have no control over this process. You can encourage the BPO to come in low, but this does not always mean they will come in low.

If there is someone living in the property, you may want to ask them to leave when

the realtor comes out to do a BPO. If they can’t, just tell them to stay out

of the way. Explain to them you will be trying to make the house value look as low

as possible. They may not understand why, just tell them it is the only way to save

their house. Also, tell them not to worry about cleaning up at all, leave it the way it

is. This is the one time your house can be a mess. You need to make the value of

the property look as low as possible.

If the loan on the property is FHA or VA, they will not take less than 82% of the BPO.

Usually you can expect the BPO to be in the range of 80-90% of the

repaired value. So if you have a house that is worth $120,000 after repairs, the BPO

you would guess to be about $98,000 to $108,000. Then multiply that amount by

82% and this should give you a good estimate of what to offer. If it is not a VA/FHA

loan, then you can offer whatever you want. It is a good idea to start low, just in

case your BPO comes back lower than you thought, you can always raise the offer. It

is an educated guess to find out what the BPO will be. If it comes back

high not in your favor, sometimes you can call the loss mitigation department and

tell them the BPO is way to high. Many times they will work with you and

order another BPO. Whatever you do, don’t ever give up. If they don’t accept it,

negotiate with them some more. Ask them what they are looking for, or what they

are trying to get. Sometimes they will tell you, sometimes they won’t. Be

persistence. Be patient. Ask, ask, ask. Part of being successful in this business is

how you negotiate. You don’t ever want to be rude to them, but let them know

where you stand. Make them aware of what’s happening to the property.

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How To Engage A FSBO

FSBO sellers will reject you. Remember, they would prefer not to use your services. But if you maintain a steady, professional relationship, offering help and staying in contact for four to five weeks, you will usually be able to win an interview. From there, a listing follows.

Increase your odds of success by taking these two precautions:

1. Limit the number of FSBOs you cultivate. Focus only on the best clients.

2. Avoid prospects with low motivation or unrealistically high price expectations. These sellers are usually the most toxic, and too often, they will try to take their frustrations out on you.

FSBOs fundamentally turn into a game of lead follow-up. You need to personally and regularly contact your FSBO leads to discover their motivation and qualifications, book a face-to-face meeting, disqualify prospects as necessary, provide regular service and communication, and schedule a presentation appointment. Then you need to repeat the service and communication steps several times weekly until the listing is in hand.

To make personal contact, begin by asking the FSBO seller if you can come by and see the home. You can ask them in a few different ways. You can explain that you want to keep abreast of the regional housing inventory; you can say that you are working with buyers who may be interested; you can present yourself as a potential investor; when you can, you can use the „reverse-no“ technique. Following are sample scripts for each approach.

Script for keeping up with the inventory:

„Mr. Seller, your home is located in my core area of sales. Because it is, I would like to come by and preview your home. Would there be a time on __________ or __________ to do that this week?“

Script for working with the prospective buyer:

„Ms. Seller, I understand you are selling your home on your own. Let me ask you this: are you cooperating with real estate agents? What I mean is, if a real estate agent brought you a qualified buyer at an agreeable price to you, would you be willing to pay a partial commission?

We are working with a few buyers for your area that we have not been able to place yet. May I come by on __________ or __________ later this week to see your home?“

When you use the above approach, understand that you are not interested in reducing your commission. What you’re really trying to do is achieve a face-to-face appointment to collect more information on their sellers‘ motivation in order to determine the probability of securing a listing in the future.

Script for a potential investor:

„Mr. Seller, your home is located in a solid area for real estate investment. I was wondering if I could come by to see your home as a principle for possible purchase and to see if it is a property that would meet my investment needs. Would __________ or __________ be better for you?“

In using the above approach, realize that the key phrase is investment needs. You will rarely find a FSBO that will meet your investment needs. My personal investment need is a home that can be acquired at a 70% discount below fair market value. Most FSBOs are trying to sell their home at 110% of fair market value. This technique does get you in the door to see the home and talk with them.

Script for a reverse-no:

„Ms. Seller, would you be offended if I came by to take a quick look at your home?“

The reverse-no technique can be used with any script. It capitalizes on the normal reflexive human reaction of „no“ in order to achieve a positive response. It opens the door to you to then set an appointment.

FSBO Survey Script

Hi, this is __________ from __________. I am looking for the owner of the home for sale.

Your home is in my core area. I am doing a quick survey of the FSBOs in this area. May I take a few minutes to ask you some questions?

The ad in the paper said that you had _____ bedrooms and _____ bathrooms.

1. Do you have a two level or one level home?

2. Are all the bedrooms on the same floor?

3. Are they good sized rooms?

4. How is the condition of the kitchen?

5. Are the bathrooms in good condition?

6. Can you describe your yard for me?

7. Is there anything else you feel I should know?

8. It sounds like you have a great home; how long have you lived there?

9. Why are you selling at this time?

10. Where are you hoping to move to now?

11. What is your time frame to get there?

12. How did you happen to select that area to move to?

13. How did you determine your initial asking price for the home?

14. What techniques are you using for exposure and marketing of your home?

15. Are you aware that over 86% of the buyers for properties begin on the internet now?

16. If there was a clear advantage for you in using me to market and expose your home, and it cost you very little, would you consider it?

17. Let’s simplify. Set a time to get together for fifteen to twenty minutes, so I can see your home and understand your objectives. I have time available __________, or would __________ be better for you?

Building relationships

FSBO relationships are built over time. By introducing yourself to the owners the first weekend their FSBO is announced, before the masses start calling on Monday, you create a good connection. By sending them tools, educational materials, free reports, and forms, you become an ally. By taking a personal interest in them and their situation, you create a solid connection that, in many cases, pays off when the owners decide to go with an agent they know and trust – preferably you.

Over the course of building a relationship with the owners, you’ll be able to get them to understand that, in every real estate transaction, a commission is paid. In the end, FSBO sellers don’t „save“ the commission. Rather, they try to earn the commission by doing an agent’s job. In doing so, they spend their money and time to perform, as best they can, the duties of an agent. Those duties include exposing the home through marketing, presenting the home to buyers, building a sense of buyer urgency in order to prompt an offer, scheduling home inspections, handling qualification checks with the lender, supervising repairs, and facilitating the closing.

Not only is a lot of work involved in earning the real estate commission but FSBO owners unwittingly let buyers basically steal the commission through under-priced offers. The people who shop FSBOs don’t do it for their health. They want to secure a low price and a high initial equity position. In the process, they set out to „earn“ the commission, and often do.

By building a relationship over time, you will demonstrate your value to the FSBO seller. Remember at all times, whether you’re working with FSBOS or expireds, your goal is simply to be one of the two, three, or four agents that the owner will interview when the time comes. You just want the opportunity to compete and make your presentation.

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Source by Dirk Zeller

For Sale By Owners (FSBO) – Home Buying & Selling Tips

Traditionally, home buyers and sellers have hired the services of a real estate agent or a brokerage firm, a trend that continues to be popular. Yet the concept of FSBO (For Sale By Owner), where the sales transaction is directly between the home owner and a prospective buyer, is becoming increasingly popular.

The growing popularity of FSBO can be attributed to the growth of the Internet and the opportunities that it offers both home owners as well as home sellers to find one another more easily.

Of course, selling through a brokerage firm or a realtor makes sense if the idea is to make a quick deal. On the flip side, that comes with the price of a heavy commission. Obviously, one has to pay for the expertise of the realtor. Unfortunately, another downside is the susceptibility to malpractices during the process, particularly, behind-the-back negotiations.

On the other hand, if immediacy of a sale or purchase of a home is not the most important criteria and the objective is to reduce costs and save money, then the best option is to go for FSBO.

Tips for FSBO Sellers

Selling a house yourself is not a joke by any means. However, there are some very basic factors that an owner can take care of, some of which are listed below.


As a seller, it is important that you price your house correctly ie. the price should be neither too high nor to low. Research and survey the real estate prices in the market. A lot of the information is publicly available; and don’t forget the time tested method of fishing for information by asking around. A strategy that home sellers often adopt is to set much higher prices initially and then lower it during negotiations. It might come off occasionally but more often than not, it is bound to put off a prospective home buyer who might think the property is overvalued.

FSBO Services & MLS websites

FSBO has become such a mainstream method for home owners that there is a full-fledged industry to support it. The website ( ) is a case in point. The objective of these FSBO services is to help these owners and buyers complete the process in a smooth fashion and cost-effectively. Make the most of the information provided by the FSBO websites and service providers.

Marketing the home

Undoubtedly, marketing continues to be one of the biggest challenges for a seller, but it has been made ever so simpler by the Internet. The sale-purchase scenario of property has undergone a drastic change. Advertising or listing on the niche FSBO and MLS websites gives enormous exposure to the property that an owner is trying to sell. In fact, the choice of how much exposure a person wants is really dependent on the seller with the various targeting options that are available these days.

FSBO tips for buyers

Some simple points that home buyers are well advised to consider when they plan to buy directly from the property owner:

When to buy

Typically, the best time to buy homes is during Fall and Winter when the best bargain property deals seem to be available. This is the time when FSBO sellers generally lower their prices to get potential buyers. Conversely, home prices tend to get higher during the warm weather seasons. As a home buyer it will be good to take these into consideration.

Mortgage pre-approval

In order to avoid problems later, it is important that you have a mortgage pre-approval before making an offer. This is because the seller can be entertaining multiple bids and in such a scenario, you might need to make an offer quickly. In addition, you should arrange the amount required for the down payment.

Insurance-claims report

While buying property, secure the seller’s permission to buy the Comprehensive Loss Undertaking Exchange or C.L.U.E. as it is commonly known. The report has the insurance-claims information and related data and is available online from a company called Choice Trust.

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Professional Real Estate Photography is Crucial to the Selling Success of Your Home

Nowhere is this more true than on the web where the majority of home buying searches are conducted- „web appeal“ is the new „curb appeal“, the lure that draws buyers in. Today’s prospective buyers are used to quality imagery in other marketing venues. Appealing photos will rivet the prospect’s attention, whereas homes with so-so photos may well be passed by.

When selling your home, you hire a Real Estate agent to do the best job marketing of your property. Agents are experts in the business aspects of the selling process; research, pricing, advertising, negotiating and closing. But, the centerpiece in your listing-pictures-is a photography expert taking them?

Grabbing a point-and-shoot and photographing a home seems to be a reasonable option. Often, one can get good shots simply though luck. However, many aesthetic and technological difficulties must be overcome in order to result in the consistently great photography needed in today’s multiple-photo listings.

Internet display systems, known for showcasing still photos, panning slide shows and virtual tours, are another tool available to realtors. These products are only as good as the photography used within. Use poor photographs and you get a poor photo housed in a slide show or tour.

Photography is a highly specialized industry-all photographers are not the same. A good portrait photographer does not necessarily make a good real estate photographer because the photographic challenges and thus, training, are different. Architectural photographers are not the best choice because they charge a significantly higher rate that cuts into your realtor’s bottom line. Professional Real Estate photographers give you similar results at a good price point.

Top-of-the-line equipment aside, professional real estate photographers have more than just a good eye. They know exactly where to put the camera, and are skilled in holding it straight. Professional photographers are experienced at reliably producing multiple uniformly-good shots of every house. Exteriors are taken from the best angle and trumpet blue skies and puffy clouds. Interior shots are well-composed, evenly lit and clearly convey accurate visual information about the space you are looking at.

Photos rarely emerge from the camera ready for display. They require post-shoot processing and this is where the Real Estate professional photographer excels. Great real estate photographs „pop“ off the screen or page. They look and feel bright, light, open, and inviting. When done well, the viewer does not know why they like them, they just do!

Ask yourself which listing you would rather be: You are viewing two comparable listings, one with a few photos that are somewhat dark, feel cropped too closely and a little hazy. The other listing has clear, detailed photographs of the outside setting and main rooms of the house. It’s clear which is going to generate more interest, showings and a potentially quicker sale.

So what can you do to get the best photography for your listing?

Examine the existing listings of your prospective agents. Do they feature excellent photos? Are there a half dozen or more pictures on the web listings? Professional Real Estate Photography is done at the agent’s discretion. If the agent you choose doesn’t use professionals, insist that they do. Those that do see the results. And so will you.

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Source by Laurie Exner

Sell Your Home on Your Own – Do You Have What it Takes?

As the real estate market dips, it can be more attractive to sell your home on your own then hire a real estate agent. A real estate agent will take up to 6% of your home’s value in commission. This can get expensive, and in today’s economy, you want to save as much money as possible. But can you really sell your house by yourself?

It’s actually not as hard as you might think. The most difficult part is the paperwork. However, this varies from state to state, and even from city to city.

Step 1 – You’ll want to check with your local municipality to see what their regulations are in signing over a title.

Step 2 – Before you list your house, you want to make it ready to sell.

Clean up, repair it, and basically make it look as nice as possible.

One thing that can help is putting some items in storage.

This makes your home seem less cluttered and more spacious.

Step 3 – Next, you need to decide how much to list your home for. If you price it too high, you won’t have anyone interested. If you price it too low, people will think there must be a problem with it. So look at what other houses in the area are selling for, and price your home accordingly.

Step 4 – Finally, you’ll need to list your house. There are several ways to do this. You can list it online at realtor websites. You can list it in newspapers. You can even list it on Craigslist. The more places you list your house, the easier it will be to sell your home on your own.

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Source by Karina Sinclair

How to Sell Your Own Home – Part 2 – Staging

Part 2 – Staging Sells Your Home Fast.

In 2009 many people began a business in real estate sales by selling their own house. Today, (2010) many of these same people are still trying to sell that first home. The market is tough and with so many homes on the market, today’s buyer is looking for an extraordinary home at a reasonable price, not an ordinary home at an extraordinary price. If you are a For Sale by Owner seller who is not partnering with a REALTOR®, this article will provide you with some guidelines that will help speed the process up and make your home extraordinary.

For example, using our checklist as a guide, the first task after setting the proper price, (see article 1) is preparing your home to sell or „staging.“

Before we get into the heart of staging, we need to discuss disclosure. Staging does not mean hiding. As the seller, you should be aware that the seller’s disclosure of material facts is an important part of a real estate transaction. We suggest you first get your home inspected by a licensed home inspector. Make sure that your home is termite free, and has good plumbing; water quality, lead, radon, septic tank, asbestos, electricity.

If you are partnering with a REALTOR®, they will know of a professional who is reliable and experienced. If you are going strictly on your own, you can look up their listings in the phone book under Home and Building Inspectors. Beware however. Anyone armed with a „do it yourself“ book and a business license can call themselves a home inspector. Some states do not require the inspector to pass a test or be certified. Make sure that you them through the Better Business Bureau. Ask for their credentials and verify references. It’s a little effort that results in maximum benefits.

As we discussed in the last article on „Setting the Price,“ the first thing to remember in selling your home fast is to highlight the best parts of your home. Remember – „first impression“ is important. Just because many of you are still living in the home you are selling, it doesn’t mean that the home has to appear „lived in.“

Make your home attractive to a potential buyer by making sure the first view is their most attractive view. Walk to the street in front of your home and turn around. What do you see? Be honest with yourself; would you pay the price you’re asking. Is the lawn cut, curb edges manicured?

Are the bushes trimmed? Is the paint fresh or chipped and fading? Has the roof seen better days; missing shingles or curled up in spots? Are windows broken, screens missing? Is there clutter everywhere, bikes and toys lying all over? Are fences down or missing slats or links? Are walkways broken, cracked or missing? To answer the obvious question here – NO, the new buyer does not want to do those repairs themselves, no matter how attractive the price is.

Ok, assuming the outside checklist is finished, walk inside the home, with that same critical eye and notepad in hand. Make sure the inside of your house is attractive. A well decorated home, with freshly washed or painted walls and clean carpets, with furniture neatly arranged, will sell faster and for more money than one that looks „lived“ in. De-personalize the home. Get rid of the personal mementos and wall decorations, sports plaques or your child’s finger painting you have tacked onto the refrigerator as well as un-clutter and re-arrange desk(s) and bookshelves.

Clean the kitchen and bathrooms until they shine. These are the two most critically looked at areas of the house, right after the living room. If you have problems doing this, you may need to hire a home stager and a professional cleaning crew so that your home will look organized, clean and tidy.

After your home is in its best performance, you can also hire a professional photographer to take some great pictures of your home. Why you ask? Because in today’s market, many home buyers and their buying broker, look for houses on the web first.

If you belong to a FSBO service, they usually have a spot for you to put pictures of the home. Do not trust this requirement to your trusty digital camera you got for Christmas. Get a professional who knows real estate sales. Remember that first impression is an important thing, how can you sell your home fast if your home itself does not look attractive on the web. You want them willing to see your home after they have viewed the pictures you put up..

After all those things set, you can start to make an „open house.“ Open houses should be scheduled on the time in which your home shows its best performance or condition. For example, if you have a beautiful garden, show it off during the morning before the flowers start to wilt. If there’s one thing that you love most about your home, be sure to share it with potential buyers, but don’t hover. Let the potential buyers look for themselves. Let them ask questions and answer them honestly but then shut up. As a professional REALTOR® who partners with FSBO sellers, I have seen more first time sellers talk the customer out of buying, than I have ever seen them talk one into buying.

With today’s influx of foreclosures, if you need to sell your home fast, you may need some help from a professional in order to take advantage of their buyers list and their nationwide marketing.

If you are partnering up with the services of a real estate firm, your REALTOR® will be able to help you determine what needs to be repaired or corrected.

In conclusion, selling your home fast by yourself is not an impossible task. Those expenses you will incur to freshen up the home are worthwhile when compared to the money gained in the sale.

By Hans Rosielle – GRI

Property Mill Real Estate Group LLC

A Fixed Fee REALTORS® Guide for the FSBO Seller.

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Source by Hans Rosiele

4 Vorteile der Verwendung eines Multiple-Listing-Service

Heutzutage sind Makler bestrebt, den Verkauf von Häusern für potenzielle Verkäufer so praktikabel wie möglich zu gestalten. Sie haben Millionen von Dollar in die Entwicklung von Multiple Listing Services (MLS) und anderen Technologien investiert, die effiziente Transaktionen ermöglichen. Durch das MLS können Makler Informationen über ihre Immobilienangebote mit anderen Maklern teilen, die eine Vergütung erhalten, wenn sie einen Käufer hervorbringen. Obwohl der Immobilienmarkt wettbewerbsintensiv ist, hat diese Vereinbarung den Wettbewerbern ermöglicht, zum Vorteil der Verkäufer zusammenzuarbeiten.

1. Erhöhte Exposition gegenüber Eigentum

Mit MLS müssen Verkäufer nicht darum kämpfen, potenzielle Käufer dazu zu bringen, ihre Immobilie zu sehen. Stattdessen listet der Dienst ihr Eigentum auf, das für Tausende von Wohnungssuchenden sichtbar ist, die die Websites besuchen. Makler arbeiten mit anderen Maklern zusammen, um die Immobilie auf mehreren Websites aufzulisten. Dies ermöglicht es Verkäufern, eine Plattform zu nutzen, die von Maklern für Makler geschaffen wurde, um einen breiten Markt für ihre Immobilie zu nutzen. Langfristig hilft dies, unnötige Gebühren zu reduzieren.

2. Verkäufer können sich entspannen

Früher arbeiteten Verkäufer beim Verkauf einer Immobilie mit mehreren Maklern und Maklern zusammen. Dies erwies sich als entmutigend, insbesondere wenn es darum ging, Follow-ups zu machen und potenzielle Käufer zu treffen. Dies ist nicht mehr der Fall. Mit MLS nehmen Sie die Fotos der Immobilie auf und laden sie auf die Website hoch. So können sich Käufer vor einer Besichtigung ein Bild von der Immobilie machen. Die meisten Anbieter erlauben, dass das Angebot bis zu 6 Monate auf der Website bleibt, bis der Verkäufer einen Käufer findet.

3. Professionelle Rechtshilfe

Es gibt rechtliche Aspekte, die beim Verkauf einer Immobilie eine Rolle spielen, und es ist wichtig, alles richtig zu machen. Jedes Problem kann dazu führen, dass der Verkauf der Immobilie verzögert oder gar nicht verkauft wird. Es müssen Vereinbarungen unterzeichnet werden, die den geschätzten Preis, die Werbekosten, die Provisionen und die Vertragsdauer hervorheben. Ein Mehrfachlisting-Service hilft Verkäufern, einige dieser Anforderungen zu verstehen und zu erfüllen, um einen problemlosen Verkauf zu gewährleisten. Sie können auch in besonderen Fällen helfen, z. B. wenn es um eine Scheidung geht.

4. Garantierter Datenschutz des Verkäufers

MLS werden für Immobilienfachleute unterhalten, um ihre Kunden beim Kauf oder Verkauf einer Immobilie zu unterstützen. Die teilnehmenden Makler stellen die Daten der Listings der Öffentlichkeit kostenlos zur Verfügung. In solchen Fällen sind die Daten für den Verkauf der Immobilie nützlich und der Käufer möchte möglicherweise darauf zugreifen. Es gibt jedoch einige Fälle, in denen Verkäufer den Zugriff auf bestimmte Informationen wie persönliche Kontaktinformationen und die Zeiten, in denen die Immobilie für Vorführungen frei ist, einschränken möchten. Der Dienst stellt sicher, dass die Informationen des Verkäufers nicht ohne Erlaubnis weitergegeben werden.

Multiple Listing Services spiegeln den Wettbewerb und die Innovation auf dem Immobilienmarkt wider. Diese Dienste tragen dazu bei, dass Verkäufer ihre Immobilie einem breiteren Publikum präsentieren können. Es ist sicher, einfach und bequem für Verkäufer und Käufer. Es gibt verschiedene Geschäftsmodelle, wie Full-Service und eingeschränkter Service, die MLS verwendet, und ein Verkäufer kann eine Option wählen, die er für am besten hält.

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Source by Alfred Ardis

Property Guys – Warum sollten Sie?

Wenn Sie darüber nachdenken, Ihr Haus zu verkaufen, sind Ihre Möglichkeiten nahezu grenzenlos. Es gibt viele Unternehmen, die behaupten, Ihnen die Arbeit abzunehmen, damit Sie es leicht selbst erledigen können, aber wie einfach ist es wirklich?

Die meisten dieser Unternehmen berechnen dem Hausverkäufer eine ziemlich hohe Gebühr und bieten ihnen eine Internetanzeige auf der FSBO-Website des Unternehmens, ein zum Verkauf stehendes Rasenschild mit der Telefonnummer des Eigentümers und, wenn Sie Glück haben, vielleicht eine oder zwei Anzeigen in einem Lokal Papier. Aber leider endet hier ihr Service. Sie müssen sich immer noch Zeit nehmen, um Besichtigungen und Vorführungen zu arrangieren (wenn Sie Abnehmer finden), Sie müssen die potenziellen Käufer von Angesicht zu Angesicht treffen, was Ihre Verhandlungsmacht einschränkt, Sie müssen sich immer noch einbringen einen Anwalt, und weil Sie ihn früher in das Spiel einbeziehen (wenn Sie schlau sind), zahlen Sie zusätzliche Gebühren, und wenn die Käufer auf halber Strecke Probleme haben, haben Sie Zugang zu einer Reihe von Fachleuten und Spezialisten, die helfen, das Geschäft abzuschließen? Wussten Sie, dass der örtliche Baumarkt nur etwa 5,00 $ für ein Verkaufsschild verlangt und Sie kostenlos online werben können? Wenn Sie denken, dass Sie das Zeug dazu haben, Ihr Haus alleine zu verkaufen, warum in aller Welt würden Sie dann in Betracht ziehen, einem Unternehmen Hunderte von Dollar für ein Schild und ein paar Anzeigen zu zahlen?

Wir haben ein Sprichwort in Immobilien; "Du kannst nicht zweimal die gleiche Provision sparen". Im Moment läuft eine verleumderische Werbekampagne gegen uns "Joe Blow Real Estate Agents", die behauptet, Sie könnten selbst bezahlen. Glauben Sie wirklich, dass sie in dieser Ära des gebildeten Käufers von Eigenheimen Anspruch auf die „Tausende von Dollar“ erheben werden, die Sie sparen, wenn Sie keinen Immobilienmakler beauftragen, oder glauben Sie, dass sie das wollen werden? ihren gerechten Anteil an diesen Einsparungen? Von Anfang an setzen Sie sich dem sprichwörtlichen Lowball-Angebot aus, denn die Käufer werden wissen, dass Sie „Joe Blow“ nicht bezahlen.

Ein Immobilienmakler informiert Sie von Anfang an über aktuelle Markttrends und eine realistische Preisbewertung des Wertes Ihrer Immobilie. Eine der sichersten Möglichkeiten, das Beste aus dem Verkauf Ihres Eigenheims zu machen, ist es, von Anfang an den richtigen Preis zu wählen. Sie können dafür ein paar hundert Dollar an einen Immobiliengutachter zahlen, oder Sie können die Dienste eines Immobilienmaklers in Anspruch nehmen, der Ihnen in den meisten Fällen keine Gebühren berechnet, wenn Sie bei ihm inserieren.

Ihr Agent wird auch alle Anrufe bearbeiten und alle Besichtigungen bei Ihnen zu Hause arrangieren. Sie kennen die Fragen, die Sie stellen müssen, um Ihnen dabei zu helfen, potenzielle Käufer zu qualifizieren, und begrenzen die Lookie-lous und Reifenkicker. Sie werden Ihnen sagen, dass Sie sich den Nachmittag frei nehmen sollen, während sie sich um die Käufer kümmern, wissend, dass Ihre Zeit wertvoll ist, und zu schätzen wissen, dass Sie ein Leben haben.

Ihr Agent führt die Verhandlungen in Ihrem Namen und stellt sicher, dass Kaufangebote schriftlich vorliegen, dass die Bedingungen in den Vereinbarungen erfüllt werden, und wenn es mitten im Geschäft zu Problemen kommt, hat Ihr Agent Zugang zu Fachleuten und Spezialisten, die Sie möglicherweise behalten werden zusammen handeln. Ihr Anwalt hingegen verdient mehr Geld, wenn Sie kämpfen, und wird stundenweise bezahlt. An diesem Punkt im Spiel hat Ihr Immobilienmakler Sie keinen Cent gekostet.

Ihr Agent wird bei Ihnen bleiben, nachdem das Geschäft feststeht. Sie werden Ihnen dabei helfen, sich auf Ihren Feierabend vorzubereiten, und sie werden Ihnen für das verkaufte Schild, das sie an Ihrem Grundstück installiert haben, keine zusätzlichen Kosten in Rechnung stellen. Wenn die Käufer jetzt zurücktreten, steht Ihr Agent an Ihrer Seite, um das Geschäft am Laufen zu halten. Wenn die Käufer aus gutem Grund gehen, hat Sie das alles noch keinen Cent gekostet.

Ihr Makler kümmert sich um die gesamte Werbung und Website-Entwicklung für Ihre Immobilie. Sie werden sich um alle potenziellen Käufer kümmern, sie werden Ihnen solide Kauf- und Verkaufsverträge, alle notwendigen Formulare, die Sie benötigen, zur Verfügung stellen und Sie an alle Spezialisten und professionellen Dienstleistungen verweisen, die Sie benötigen benötigen, um Ihr Geschäft abzuschließen. Vielleicht ist einer der wichtigsten Gründe, warum Sie wirklich in Betracht ziehen sollten, mit einem Immobilienmakler zusammenzuarbeiten, auch der beste … Sie bezahlen Ihren Immobilienmakler nur, wenn er Ihre Immobilie verkauft.

Die Immobilienprovision wird erst bei erfolgreichem Abschluss einer Immobilie ausbezahlt, vom Verkaufserlös abgezogen und direkt von Ihrem Anwalt bezahlt. Sie müssen den Scheck nicht einmal ausstellen. Die Branche entwickelt sich weiter, und es gibt Agenten, die Gebühren für Serviceverträge zahlen. Als Verkäufer von Eigenheimen ist der vielleicht wertvollste Rat, den ich geben kann, folgender: Von der Immobilie bis zu den Maklern, bei Immobilien bekommen Sie wirklich das, wofür Sie bezahlen. Fragen Sie einfach "Joe Blow".

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

Makler Heidelberg

Source by Natasha Head

Installieren Sie eine digitale TV-Konverterbox, um Ihr Wohnmobil einfach zu verkaufen

Wie machen Sie Ihr Wohnmobil zu einem umwerfenden Angebot für die Käufer? Wenn Sie darüber nachdenken, Ihr Wohnmobil zu verkaufen, ist das die einzige Frage, die zählt, oder? Nun, Wartung und ordentliche Aufräumarbeiten können das Reisemobil halbwegs anständig machen. Aber meistens sind es die Unterhaltungsvorteile, die den Deal besiegeln. Ja, Wohnmobilisten freuen sich darauf, bei einem Roadtrip die Natur zu genießen, aber es gibt Zeiten, in denen ein guter alter Fernseher den Tag rettet. Es reicht jedoch nicht aus, nur einen Fernseher zu haben. Sie benötigen einen digitalen TV-Konverter, um die Signale zu empfangen. Hier sind das Warum und das Wie, das Sie wissen müssen.

Warum brauchen Sie einen digitalen TV-Konverter?

Da alle analogen Kanäle am 17. Februar 2009 dunkel wurden, müssen Sie einen digitalen Turner in Ihrem Fernseher haben, um darauf zugreifen zu können. Sicher, Sie haben eine Antenne, aber da jetzt eine digitale Frequenz die Übertragung steuert, kommen Sie ohne Turner nicht mehr in den Genuss Ihrer Lieblingssender. Obwohl seit dem 1. März 2007 alle Fernsehgeräte in den USA mit digitalen Turnern ausgestattet sind, verfügt Ihr gebrauchtes Wohnmobil möglicherweise nicht über diese Funktion in seinen Geräten. Sehen Sie in Ihrem Benutzerhandbuch nach oder wenden Sie sich an den Verkäufer, um herauszufinden, ob Ihre Fernsehgeräte über diese Funktion verfügen oder nicht. Wenn nicht, müssen Sie einen installieren, bevor Sie versuchen, Ihr Wohnmobil zu verkaufen.

So installieren Sie es

Während die Installation eines digitalen Konverters nicht so schwierig ist, kann die Verwendung eines schrittweisen Ansatzes die Dinge für Sie einfacher machen. Kaufen Der erste Schritt ist natürlich der Kauf des Konverters. Kaufen Sie als Nächstes ein zusätzliches TV-Kabel, wenn Sie vorhaben, die Konverterbox etwas weiter vom Fernseher entfernt aufzustellen.

Um die Box zu installieren, schalten Sie zuerst den Strom aus. Trennen Sie dann das Kabel von der Video-Umschaltbox, die es mit dem Fernsehgerät verbindet, und stecken Sie es in den 'TV-Ausgang'-Steckplatz in der Konverterbox. Holen Sie sich jetzt das extra gekaufte TV-Kabel und stecken Sie das eine Ende in den „TV out“-Anschluss der Video-Umschaltbox und das andere Ende in den „Antenneneingang“-Port der digitalen Konverterbox. Sehen! Es ist ganz einfach. Es gibt jedoch einen kleinen Haken. Falls Sie Ihr Fernsehgerät in einem Schrank installiert haben, holen Sie es heraus.

Wenn Sie keine Video-Umschaltbox haben, können Sie einfach das Kabel von der Rückseite des Fernsehgeräts nehmen und es in den Antenneneingang des Digitalkonverters stecken. Ein Ende der zusätzlichen Kabellänge wird in den „Out to TV“-Steckplatz im Digitalkonverter gesteckt. Stecken Sie das andere Ende in den Antenneneingang/Kabeleingang des Fernsehers.

Der Prozess wird von hier aus ziemlich geradlinig. Sie müssen die Konverterbox anschließen und einschalten und dann den Fernseher einschalten. Wenn Sie den Fernseher auf Kanäle einstellen, sehen Sie ein Menü auf dem Bildschirm, das Sie durch die automatische Suche führt, um die Kanäle zu erhalten.

Das wirst du finden Der Verkauf Ihres Wohnmobils ist viel einfacher mit einem Digitalwandler drin. Denken Sie daran, dass es nicht einfach ist, Ihr Wohnmobil zu einem lukrativen Geschäft zu machen, da es Hunderte und Tausende von Konkurrenten gibt. Es unterhaltungstauglich zu machen, ist sicherlich eine großartige Möglichkeit, den Wiederverkaufswert zu steigern.

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

Makler Heidelberg

Source by John Bell Carey

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